Qingyuan DLN New Material Co., Ltd.

Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, development

  • DLN is a company specialized in designing, producing and selling high temperature resistance felts, ropes and gloves, which are used popularly in industries of aluminum extrusion, glass processing, iron, automobile, electric, etc.

Felt products for aluminium extrusion industry

· High temperature resistance
· Strong wear resistance
· Protect aluminum profile
· Cost saving


Aramid ropes and tapes

  • Aramid rope has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, flame retardant, high pressure resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and good mechanical properties. Widely used in glass tempering industry.

Heat-resistant gloves

With high-quality properties such as temperature resistance, wear resistance and heat insulation, it is suitable for various high temperature and heat industries such as steel smelting, aluminum profile industry, metal casting, automobile industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, industrial welding, solar cell production, etc.